Welcome to our Promotional Section!! This is the place where we will Promoto Denyse's Music and Videos. We'll work as  a fanbase to get her music played on the radio and her music video's played on video countdowns around the world.


- Let's get Better Than Nothing video played on #TeenNickTop10 music video countdown that airs every friday night at 10/9c on Teen Nick!! Just tweet * Better Than Nothing by Denyse Tontz because the song is so catchy and the music video is incredible. #TeenNickTop10 @TeenNick @NickCannon * The more Tweets / Request they get for the song/music video they will play it .

RADIO  ( Request Better Than Nothing on the Radio!) 

Z100 New York: 

 ( Call)  800.242.0100  

( Request on there website) 
( Text)  55100 

101.3 KDWB:

I Heart Radio: ( Contact I Heart Radio and tell them you want Denyse's music played and you want a Denyse Tontz Radio Station launched)